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A successful CEO and humanitarian, Antonio Brown brings a unique perspective, strong faith, and inspirational work ethic to his community. Growing up in poverty with his parents frequently incarcerated, Antonio discovered he had the resilience and drive to overcome adversity & achieve success. From the ground up, he built LVL XIII (Level 13), a men’s fashion brand that broke barriers launching into Bloomingdales and Nordstrom nationwide.  After successfully launching his business, Antonio immediately began to pour back into community through programmatic initiatives committed to improving the life trajectory of marginalized people from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Ban Source of Income Discrimination

Prohibited unlawful and discriminatory practices in the rental of housing on the basis of source of income including Section 8 vouchers.

Affordable Housing Permit Fee Waiver

Established a Building Permit Fee Waiver Program available to private sector entities pursuing affordable housing developments.


Partnered with Wells Fargo to provides direct lending to credit-distressed entrepreneurs who meet nontraditional writing standards.


Created a board to address the district's most egregiously blighted properties.


Conducted a feasibility study to coordinate public safety efforts with an emphasis on cre- ating trust between law enforcement and the community.


Created a study to address the feasibility of a bottling distribution program that would create mid-wage jobs for the city’s “Water Boys.”


Implored the Atlanta Police Department to require officers to intervene if they see anoth- er officer breaking the law or violating de- partment rules.

Booker Stem Community AgFarm & Market

Developed a youth-led farm operation, in partnership with Booker T. Washington High School, to address food insecurity in the district and serve as an intentional space for developing self-sustainability and new market opportunities for District 3 students, farmers of color and Black-owned small businesses.

Antonio’s passion for business and education moved him to create the Small Business Entrepreneurship Program, which was licensed by The Art Institute in early 2018. The program provided hands-on entrepreneurial training and support to over 30,000 historically underserved college students nationwide.

After being honored with a Notable Citizen of Georgia Proclamation, Antonio felt inspired to run for public office, making history as the first LGBTQ person of color to be elected to Atlanta’s city council. He represents Atlanta's District 3, consisting of 16 communities totaling over 40,000 residents with many generationally living below poverty in some of the city's most marginalized neighborhoods.

In less than two years, Councilmember Brown has sponsored over 60 ordinances and resolutions while leading several community initiatives to improve the quality of life for residents in Atlanta. He continues to fight for living-wage jobs, access to affordable housing, food insecurity and an equitable and just public safety system. Councilmember Brown was one of the first elected officials to boldly and unapologetically step out front of the social justice movement reawakening a powerful time in our nation’s history and presented city proclamations honoring the lives of Ahmaud Arbery and Rayshard Brooks.

Antonio has been recognized by “Next Big Thing Movement as one of 2018’s Top 35 Millennial Influencers”, and Georgia State Representative Erica Thomas awarded him a “Notable Citizen of Georgia Proclamation”. In 2019, he appeared on the cover of 17th South Magazine and received the Citizen of the Year Award from the Atlanta Fire Rescue Foundation.